Why Diet AND Exercise Are Necessary for “Waist Loss”

By | Jul 23, 2009

Have you been doing crunch after crunch and twist after twist without seeing any results in your middle section? Or have you been dieting and eating a healthy diet but still not seeing a defined mid-section? There is a very good reason for that…one without the other won’t get you the results that you seek.

In my classes, I often find myself comforting students who are so frustrated with their abdominals and the fact that they are not seeing the “six pack” abs that they desire. My first inclination is to ask what they are doing to work the mid-section. For the most part, I get the usual answer: crunches. I then ask, “Are you combining those crunches with cardiovascular exercise and a balanced, healthy diet?” AHA! This is where the problem lies. Doing crunches and other abdominal exercises does work the muscles in your mid section. However, if you are carrying around a spare tire, the exercises that you are performing will build up the muscles underneath the fat. The end result will be an even larger waistline! Why? As you build up the abdominal muscles, they will push the fat out even farther. You need to combine your outstanding abdominal efforts with cardiovascular exercise so that you burn the fat surrounding your middle. You can’t whittle your middle without removing the fat, and fat is removed primarily with cardio exercise

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