By | Jul 24, 2009

Although I am sure that you are familiar with the keys to healthy living, I always feel that it is important to reinforce what I call the Big Three: cardiovascular training, healthy diet and weight training. To be in peak condition, both mentally and physically, it is crucial that you practice all three of these elements.

I know what you’re thinking: “If I do two of these, won’t that be enough?” Believe me, I wish that the answer was yes. Unfortunately, for you and me both, three is the magic number. I come from a Southern family, so we like to eat. No, wait, we love to eat; and I am not talking about celery sticks and rice cakes either. Good, greasy, fried, chocolately, cakey, syrupy, delicious Southern cooking. If you can’t tell, this is the area that I have to really concentrate on. But because I want to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, I make an effort to curb my cravings and obey the food guide pyramid. Because being healthy is a lifestyle, it is imperative to practice the Big Three daily.

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