Glute bridge

By | Jul 18, 2009

One of the most common areas for improvement for women is the glutes (rear end). If you want to be able to wear those tight, nice fitting jeans, you need to make sure to have the derriere to fill them out. One exercise that I really enjoy doing for my glutes is the glute thrust. Lying on your back, feet on the floor, knees bent, hands by your sides, squeeze the glutes and thrust your hips towards the ceiling. This move is working the entire gluteus maximus. To work each side individually, alternate glute thrusts with your legs in the air. What I mean is to lift your right leg up, foot towards the ceiling and thrust up. Switch it out and raise your left leg. Repeat.

Do 20-20-20 (center, right, left) for 3 sets and really feel the burn!

Saxon Side Bend

By | Jul 15, 2009

Another exercise that I like to do in my core training classes to target those outer obliques/love handles is the Saxon Side Bend. Week after week, my students come back to class, and the one movement that they say leaves them sore for days is this one. Stand with feet slightly further than shoulder length apart. Legs straight; abs engaged. With two light hand weights, one in each hand, bring your arms up shoulder level with your elbows bent at a 90* angle. Keeping the arms held up (this is a bonus shoulder worker!), bend to the right side. Come back up to center/starting position and then bend over to your left side. To work the outer obliques, make sure that your legs and hips stay facing forward. Do not allow your hips to sway with the movement. Keep the movement solely as a bend at the waist. Start with 8 reps (right and left) and work up to 10-12-15.

Get rid of your love handles!

By | Jul 14, 2009

Another muscle that the Bosu works deep into is the outer oblique (i.e. love handles). While getting into position for this exercise is not comfortable at first, with a few sets, you will get more comfortable and learn how to position your body on the Bosu. Set the ball on the floor with the domed side up. First, prop your hip onto the rim of the Bosu. Your bottom leg will be bent under the top leg which will be extended out straight. Hands behind the head, lean your body onto the Bosu. Now, crunch up in a side oblique crunch. Repeat. As you extend and then crunch up, you will feel the movement deep into your outer obliques.

What is bosu?

By | Jul 13, 2009

One of the best pieces of gym equipment is the Bosu (Both Sides Up) ball. The Bosu is the half-ball shaped item that probably hides in the corner of your gym facility. I am sure that you have looked at this thing and wondered “What in the heck do you do with that?” With its flat bottom and curved top, the Bosu is quite possibly the most versatile piece of gym equipment.

As the full name suggests, the Bosu can be used with the either the flat side up or, more commonly, with the domed side up. The Bosu is most popularly used for crunches and abdominal exercises. Sit with your rear at the edge of the Bosu. Feet are flat on the ground; knees bent; hands behind head. Bend back, getting a full extension over the domed portion of the ball. Now, as with a standard crunch, crunch up. Repeat. As you go back, you will feel that you can extend backwards further than as with a basic crunch on the floor. Using the Bosu gives you a wider range of motion, allowing you to feel a tighter contraction in your abdominal muscles than you feel doing crunches on the floor.

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