Is It True That You Cannot Spot-Train?

By | Jul 25, 2009

I know that studies and experts say that it is impossible to simply spot train a particular trouble area. While I do agree that doing 500 leg lifts a day will not get you the lean legs that you seek, I don’t find this statement 100% accurate. I will go ahead and say, NO, I do not think that you can spot train, HOWEVER, I do think that you can “hone tone.” We have already established the Big Three that you need for peak physical training: cardio, diet and weights. So, if you are currently working within the guidelines of the Big Three and there is a particular area of your body that needs a little more attention than others, it is possible to focus in on that “problem” area. I, personally, have the biggest problem area with my rear. It is both a blessing and a curse to look like the Sir Mix-A-Lot song. I spend more time working on my backside than I do, say, my chest. I have to work harder and “hone tone” this area of my body.

*Please note that I do not recommend that you neglect any part of your body. I am simply saying that you can focus more on your trouble areas to get the results that you want.

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