Do Anywhere Shoulder Exercises

By | Jul 22, 2009

How long has it been since you have done arm circles? For a do anywhere exercise, arm circles are the way to go. If you do enough reps, your shoulders will feel like they are on fire. Here is a set that I like to do with my classes.

Perform each movement 25 times. Arms at a T (shoulder height, out at sides) do small arm circles forward followed by small arm circles backwards. Without lowering your arms, flip your palms up and “pat” the ceiling. Again, without lowering your arms, turn your palms towards the ground and “pat” the floor. If your shoulders are already burning, shake them out a few times. If you aren’t “on fire” yet, take your arms directly in front of you, shoulder level. Do small arm circles, moving inward. Now, you guessed it, do the small arm circles in an outward motion. Turn your palms in facing each other, and do a clapping motion. Last but not least, turn your palms away from each other, and do small outer presses. Now that your shoulders and arms are burning, shake them out and get ready to repeat. This is great for your Aerobics-Workout

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