Targeting the Top of the Shoulder

By | Aug 5, 2009

To target the top of the shoulder, you can do a variation of the standard lateral raise. In the lateral raise, one’s palms typically face down at the ground. To target the top of the shoulder, take your palms and face them towards the body. Perform the lateral raise as usual, but really feel that […]

Do Anywhere Shoulder Exercises

By | Jul 22, 2009

How long has it been since you have done arm circles? For a do anywhere exercise, arm circles are the way to go. If you do enough reps, your shoulders will feel like they are on fire. Here is a set that I like to do with my classes. Perform each movement 25 times. Arms […]

Jumping Jacks

By | Jul 21, 2009

One of the very first exercises that you learned in grade school Physical Education class is also one of the best all-over body toners: the jumping jack. The jumping jack is great because you have to engage and use your entire body to do the movement correctly. To get the maximum benefit from a jumping […]

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