Correct squatting form

By | Jul 20, 2009

So many times in my classes and in the gym, I see exercisers performing squats incorrectly. This is very dangerous, as doing squats with poor form can be murder on your knees. To perfect your form, I recommend that you work on it without any weights. Once you get the form perfected, feel free to […]

More Glutes!

By | Jul 19, 2009

After I do the glute bridge combo, I like to follow up with leg lifts. Flip over from the glute bridge position, on your hands and knees. Pull the right knee slightly into the chest and then lift that leg towards the ceiling. Repeat 10 times and then do the same on with the left […]

Glute bridge

By | Jul 18, 2009

One of the most common areas for improvement for women is the glutes (rear end). If you want to be able to wear those tight, nice fitting jeans, you need to make sure to have the derriere to fill them out. One exercise that I really enjoy doing for my glutes is the glute thrust. […]

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